Croatia is one of my favourite countries I’ve visited. It has so many different facets to it. Mountains, the sea, smaller towns, bigger cities. All within easy travelling distance.

The capital city, Zagreb, is cute. It has a special charm and history that make the city. I went on a free walking tour of Zagreb. The guides take you through their city giving you highlights and teach you about the history that they are so proud of.

My absolute favourite part about my visit to Zagreb was their Christmas event. They have this event that runs through December called Advent. They won #1 Christmas festival in all of Europe 2 years in a row and there’s no doubt as to why! The city is completely lit up with little twinkling lights everywhere. There is hut after hut that offer their local Christmas food and drink. You’ll find mulled wine, rakia, and sausages everywhere! I was convinced it was a sausage festival until I asked and was informed with a laugh that no, it is not a sausage festival, just tradition. Everyone from locals to tourists hang out in the streets while eating, drinking and listening to live music. It was honestly the coolest vibe and best way to get the feel of the city. It was really something super special.