Zagreb is a small city but there is a lot to see and do in it. If you don’t know how to spend your time here, check out our top 7 tips.

1. Free Spirit Walking Tour

Everybody can walk around the city by themselves, and it’s not hard to find the most important monuments in Zagreb, but if beside that you want to actually hear and learn something about Zagreb – this tour is the choice for you. In a 2-hour walk, friendly local guide takes you around the city and shows you all the must sees of the city. Also, they know all about Zagreb so if you want to find out the best places to go out, eat, drink or do something fun – they will tell you all about it. Free Spirit Walking Tour


2. Urbex tour

Want to explore forgotten heritage of Croatia and feel some adrenalin while doing it? Try a special tour filled with urban adventures and visit locations you can’t find in tour guides. Abanoned buildings, tunnels, underground bunkers and military bases are all part of urban exploration tours. Become urban explorers for a day and look around ruins of once important locations. Discover places that are not popular even with the locals and are hidden from a plain sight.

3. Zagreb museums

For a small city like this, Zagreb has a lot of museums, and visiting at least one of them is a must here. Other than ordinary museums ( Archaeological museum, Techincal museum or History museum), Zagreb is special for Museum of Broken relationships. It’s a  museum filled with memories of relationships that have for some reason ended. Look around the huge array of items and stories behind them which will not only amuse you, but may also bring some emotions. Other museums Zagreb is famous for are the Museum of Illusions and Museum of Torture which you won’t find in any city in the world.


4. Zagreb Food

Croatian cuisine is a mix of many different culinary influences. Even though it is most famous for Mediterranean cuisine, in Zagreb traditional food is continental type. One of the dishes you have to try is – Štrukli. It is dough filled with cottage cheese and sour cream and every restaurant with traditional food serves it. One of the dishes with eastern influence which you shouldn’t miss while in Balkan area is – Ćevapčići – a grilled minced meat dish. As for the fruits and vegetables while in Zagreb, visit Dolac – an elevated market just north of Ban Jelacic Square.


5. Lenuci Horseshoe

While sightseeing in Zagreb you will deffinately notice a great deal of green areas (parks, squares etc.). The best example you can find right in the city centre – Lenuci Horseshoe. It is a park complex made of 7 squares and a garden. They make an U-shaped frame for the city blocks.  It is named after Milan Lenuci – architect and urbanist in Zagreb in 19 centuary.



6. Craft beers

In the last few years in Zagreb, craft beers have became very popular and new craft beer bars are opening non stop. Craft beers are progressive beers produced by small-scale breweries. Not only that the new bars are opening, the already existing ones are following up with the trend. Some of the most known producers of craft beer which you can find in bars are The Garden Brewery, Zmajska pivovara and Nova runda.


7. National Park

One more thing that makes Zagreb amazing, is the closeness to the national park Plitvice Lakes. It is one of the oldest and largest parks in Croatia. It is a part of UNESCO World Heritage List, and it is on it for a reason. Park is full of beautiful sights of lakes arranged in cascades. There are 16 lakes which are all connected. As it is within 2 hours from Zagreb, it can be a day trip from here and many tour agencies offer daily trips to the Lakes. Don’t miss it!